There are many kind of ballistic glass which are used in different things like in making the doors and making of ballistic glass windows. People can get these glasses according to their choice and the need also they can be used in any place no matter how big or small the place is because they are totally customizable for the safety and protection of the user. It may looks like a normal glass but it is not a glass but it is made of different chemicals and with different proportions of these chemicals for giving the different durability to the glass. If you want to know the inner mechanism of the ballistic glass that how they work then you need to see this below:

There are different kinds of glass and the ordinary ones which we look everywhere around us are the thinnest of all that’s why they break easily with a sudden and weak attack to them. On the other hand if you see the glass of the car from or back known as the win shield is thicker than the normal glass and they are made in a way that they can resist a certain attack from the outside but when a bullet hits that glass it will create numerous cracks in the glass. You will be saved from the bullet for some time but if another bullet hits again then it will probably break the glass and hit the person inside the car. If it doesn’t hit the person even then the crack of the glass are dangerous and they will be fatal for the user.

There is a great phenomenon that the rate of momentum of a moving object is equal to the force it puts on the hitting object. According to this phenomenon if the foreign object is stopped instantly then it will create more damage on the other hand if there is a force that first reduce the speed of the object and then gradually stops it then the object will create less damage. On this principle these ballistic glasses are made. They have different layers of chemicals that help in reducing the speed of the bullet gradually and then stop that before it hits the final layer of the glass. That’s why ballistic glass with more layers is considered to be more protective.

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