“Normal” Ears and Bullying: When It’s All Right for a Child to Have a Cosmetic Surgery

It is sad to think that bullying has become so normal that some people have just grown to accept it. For children, however, being bullied may define the way they look at life when they grow up. Parents should always be attentive to the needs of their children, especially when it comes to addressing bullying in school and other public places.

Children may experience bullying because of their physical appearance. This is what happened to Gage Berger, a six-year-old who had been bullied for having prominent ears. Having prominent ears is one of the reasons many adults choose to have otoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery in a cosmetic clinic in Dubai. The procedure involves making the ears less prominent, giving the patient “normal-looking” ears.

Otoplasty for Anyone

plastic surgery clinics in DubaiThough adults are the usual patients of plastic surgery clinics in Dubai, there are exemptions to every rule. Gage, in the U.S., had the procedure at a tender age to stop the bullying and gain his confidence back. The procedure was offered to him pro bono, and he had been thrilled with the idea.

After the two-hour procedure, Gage reportedly started having a better school experience and showed an increase in confidence. For procedures such as otoplasty, the scarring is often hidden behind the ear, so they will not be easily noticeable and cause more bullying for the child.

Safe for Children

Though technically a surgery, otoplasty is generally acceptable even for those under 18 years of age, especially if the procedure will correct self-esteem issues. Other surgeries such as breast reduction, nose surgery, and acne scar reduction may also be viewed similarly. Doctors look at each patient on a case to case basis, considering the repercussions on the person’s quality of life if the procedure was not done.

Otoplasty is also done as restorative surgery, to fix deformed or malfunctioning ears. In Dubai, parents can take their children to a surgeon’s office, outpatient facility, or hospital to discuss the procedure. For children, the recommended time to have the procedure is over the summer vacation, to allow the swelling to subside, which usually lasts three months.

According to experts, a child’s ears stop growing by the age of five. By that time, the shape of a child’s ears becomes permanent, and if they protrude overtly, they may lead to a poor quality of life for the child. In a situation like this, plastic surgery may be a good option.

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