The Basics of Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance ServicesBefore we discuss about building maintenance, let us first differentiate residential buildings from commercial buildings. Both of them require proper maintenance. However, building maintenance companies in Dubai use different maintenance techniques on them.

Residential Buildings

Condominiums and other kinds of residential building serve as the comfort place of hundreds to thousands of people. Thus, the water supply, plumbing system, elevators and electricity should be reliable because of laundry, washing, cooking, bathing, and home entertainment. Safety should also be given importance in residential buildings because of children and elderly people. Thus, the building’s flooring should be clean, dry and intact at all times.

Commercial Buildings

You would rarely encounter children in a commercial building. This doesn’t mean safety is not the priority though. Since commercial buildings house numerous businesses, they avail more building maintenance services than residential buildings do. Millions of money is at stake every single day that’s why commercial buildings usually consider electronics access control, lights, source of electricity, elevators, CCTVs and more on their building maintenance.

Building Maintenance Services

There are different types of building maintenance services. Let’s briefly itemize them below.

  1. Elevator Maintenance

This type of service is crucial for buildings with five floors and above. The lifts should work efficiently and should operate smoothly 24/7 because being stuck inside the elevator could cause trauma. You can start by availing basic elevator checkup. The technician would determine if something needs to be fixed on the elevator or you already need to replace it.

  1. Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Maintenance

Fire alarms and sprinklers can save lives in case of fire. It’s best to keep them functional at all times through availing maintenance services than feel sorry later on because of lost lives. Maintenance providers usually follow national fire safety codes when inspecting alarms and sprinklers.

  1. General Maintenance

This covers all the common maintenance issues in residential and commercial buildings such as electricity, carpentry, plumbing and water supply. It is the most widely availed kind of maintenance. It is usually the most expensive since it addresses almost all the maintenance problems.

  1. Electronic Access Control Maintenance

This kind of building maintenance is highly necessary especially for commercial buildings. It helps keep the building, people and valuables secured through keeping fingerprint scanners, electronic access cards and other recognition systems effective. It also addresses other electronic-related issues for safety purposes.

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