Clothing and Fabric Care Tips

To extend the life of your precious clothes, you should clean them properly. Caring for the clothes depend on the fabric.

Here are some things you should be aware of.

The Care Label

One of the important aspects of taking care of your clothes is being aware of the care label. It’s usually written on the care instructions. One of the common care labels is ‘dry clean’. With this label, any dry clean process is used which may include moisture, steam-air procedures and pressing by steam. There’s also the ‘hand wash’ label which means the material requires a gentle soaking process with limited agitation by hand. Then there’s the ‘bleach’ label which sometimes indicates the type of bleach that can be used. If the label indicates ‘spot clean only’, you only need to clean the stained area without washing the entire garment.  clothing-and-fabric-care

Clothing Stains

There are many factors that affect the successful removal of the stains. These include the type of stain, the fabric and the dye. Right after getting the stain, blot the area to remove the staining substance, but make sure not to rub it so the stain won’t spread. It’s important to bring the stained clothes immediately to a laundry establishment in Bur Dubai to prevent the stains from setting in. Spilled wines, juices and inks are not the only sources of stains. Some discoloration stains are caused by perspiration and body oils that are left for a long time on silk and wool clothing. The alcohol in perfume, cologne, hairspray and after shave may cause discoloration. Bleach, hair care products, skin lotion and toothpaste can be culprits of fabric discoloration as well.

Professional Help

Although most clothes and fabric come with a care label, if you really value the clothes, you should let a professional handle the cleaning. Laundry establishments have staff with the knowledge on how to properly remove the different types of stains without ruining the fabric. A professional cleaner is also a textile specialist who knows how to handle a certain fabric. An expert from notes that one should strictly follow the care label when cleaning the clothes. If the label says ‘dry cleaning’ then you should bring the items to a professional dry cleaner.

With regular and proper cleaning methods, you can extend the life of your precious clothes. If you’re not sure how to handle certain items, get the help of a professional cleaner.

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