Improving your spoken English

Improving your spoken EnglishEnglish is a global language, widely spoken and written almost across every single country in this world. Because of its widespread communication and global appeal, English has become a language that everyone must learn today.


English is one such unique language through which you can express almost every idea or concepts related to science, technology, entertainment and even the most general of your daily issues as well. With all of the other essential skills and qualifications, knowledge of English language gets a preference by most of the institutions that provide employment for you. It is for this reason that many people these days continue to enhance their language skills and even take exams like the Pearson English test.


English and its wide-ranging appeal in the world


English is primarily a second language in the UAE. Many of the modern schools teach all of their classes in English, but we still find students who find it hard to communicate in good English. Very often students fear to communicate in English, as they are not sure about their grammar. They give more prominence to grammar over spoken English. However, the best way to learn communicating in English is by engaging yourself with friends and fellow-learners in casual communications about day-to-day issues as much as possible.


Spoken English can be best learnt by making friends in your learning community; you can join a live conversation class. Many reputed institutes that are known to offer the best spoken English courses conduct live conversation classes, help you meet native English speakers nearby and online as well.


There are many reputed institutions that are known to offer top of the line spoken English courses in the UAE. With their help, it will be easily possible for you to improve your language skills and communicate more easily in English. Remember, considering that English is a universal language, your success in terms of your academics and career are heavily dependent on how good your language skills are. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to take language courses and test your abilities through different tests and exams.


You can consider joining a convenient English language learning institution by looking into a series of parameters such as reputation of the institution, travel distance from your home, facilities at the institution, fee structure and several other such features. For the best results, it is recommended for you to join an institution that is known for its outstanding courses.

A Model’s Guide to Preparing for a Photoshoot

A Model’s Guide to Preparing for a PhotoshootWhile to others it may seem like an easy, all-glamour job, being a model is not exactly just a walk in the park. It is one of the most demanding jobs in the planet and it requires constant practice and arduous maintenance of one’s body and skills. Below is a list of steps that models have to go through to prepare for a booked photoshoot. This is the same list that many models in Dubai follow through to ensure a successful work at the end of the day.


Practice your poses in front of a mirror numerous times so you can perfect them before the day of the shoot. If the shoot has a particular theme, conduct a research on related fashion editorials to get an idea for creative poses.


Avoid junk or processed foods, excessively sweet or sugary products, and salty dishes. Ensure that you drink plenty of water to give your body a fresh boost. While you may eat any food that does not deny you of happiness, it is necessary that you compensate on them by working out. The extra calories gained should be burned through exercise.


Days before the shoot, a model must get enough sleep nightly so that the face will look fresh and well-rested. Dark under eyes and unhealthy complexion makes it more difficult for makeup artists to work on.


Not only female models have to go through a beauty routine before a shoot. Male models must make sure that their skin and body are well-groomed right before the event. Every inch of the body must be maintained, starting from the hair, to the face, to the cuticles on your nails, down to your thighs, knees, and the soles of your feet. Waxing, hair touch-ups or haircuts, facials, manicures and pedicures, are all necessary.


Bring change of clothes and comfortable attire to wear when you are being made up. You may also bring blankets, cover-ups, or your favorite robes. While it is optional, you may also bring your go-to makeup brands in case of emergencies when you encounter items from your makeup artist’s bag that are not fit to your skin type or could cause you allergies.


This is a very important rule: do not be late. Avoid delays on the shoot because you are affecting not only the event but also all the other staff’s schedules. Go to the venue early and bring packed food so you won’t need to leave the place to eat.


And finally, before the shoot, make sure you discuss with your photographer what he or she expects from you, what poses may look good for the theme, or the angles he wishes to see.

These are just some prep guidelines for models. If you are looking for the right models for your event or you are a model looking to join an agency, go to our website.