Office Design Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

Your office design can say a lot about the culture of your company. It’s the first thing that clients will notice when they come to visit your office. Moreover, your office design can influence the productivity of your employees. So if your office design is dull through and through, you might want to reconsider a few changes.

When designing a new office, there are certain things you need to keep in mind so your redesign project won’t end in utter failure. To start, here are the office design mistakes you need to avoid:

Choosing the wrong paint color

office-interior-design-bangloreImagine walking into an office with the reception area having bright red walls, the conference room with its walls painted violet, and the workstations facing a blank white wall. Choosing the wrong color will not only affect the mood of your employees whenever they walk into the office — it will also leave an unfavorable impression if you have clients visiting.

Color is everything to interior design, a concept that the folks of wouldn’t fail to mention to their corporate clients. The wall colors of every room must work together if you want to achieve harmony in your workplace.

Skimping on light

Your office is not like your home where you can have low lights to give the room a different vibe. Poor lighting will not only make your employees feel less productive; it makes moving around difficult due to the low visibility. You don’t need a chandelier to light up the entire place, though — just make sure there are enough lights on the workstation of your employees.

Having a disorganized space

How organized an office looks like can say much about how the employees work. If there are stacks of paper everywhere, start clearing up. Nobody likes to work in a place where there’s mess everywhere. Invest in file cabinets, or transform one of the rooms into a storage area if you must. The goal is to minimize the clutter and make your office organized.

Installing high partitions

Privacy can be an issue among employees, and some would want to have partitions around their workstations. This doesn’t mean you have to erect floor-to-ceiling partitions, though. As office interior designers in Bangalore suggest, partitions should be high enough to still encourage communication from one workstation to the next.

Always have a plan when you do your office redesign. If you’re not sure about how each element should go, consult the experts – there’s nothing bad in asking. After all, you’re doing yourself and your employees a favor.


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5 Home Upgrade Ideas for 2017

This year is about to end. How has your life been so far? Have you achieved or practiced at least one of your five New Year’s resolutions? Are you looking for other areas to improve apart from your career and personal relationships?

If you’re thinking of home renovations, now is a good time to start cracking your knuckles and getting to work. Here are the five home areas that you may want to consider upgrading.


As the Japanese author Haruki Murakami said, most people don’t know how to choose a decent sofa. If you doubt your own taste getting the right sofa for your living room, why not learn more about this seemingly minor yet super comforting nook of your home? Upgrade that old, uncomfortable pile of wood and foam and replace it with leather upholstery if you want to. Upgrading your sofa is important particularly if you’ve been sitting on it for a decade. Imagine all the dust and insects in there now.


Similarly, your bed may also need a replacement for the coming New Year. Those creaking springs may be affecting your sleep already. The thick foam may already smell musty and damp from all the saliva from your sleep. Get the right size and softness for your needs for better rest and sleep this 2017.


Your kitchen may also be needing an upgrade. Give your wife a surprise and renovate your kitchen. She will love that new electric oven, and you love baked potatoes, too, right? Clean the cupboards and restock with supplies and groceries that will last the entire January. Do the same for your fridge, too. If your sink and water fixtures have started to rust, have them checked by a plumber so you’re sure the water is flowing sweetly in your kitchen.


Your bathroom will benefit from a plumber visit, too. Scrub those hard water stains on the shower tube. Have your entire bathroom professionally cleaned if necessary. You can even consult an interior designer not just for your bathroom refurbishing but for your interior walls and other rooms, too.


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or even a few pots of ornamental plants or herbs at home, then consider improving the small yet lush greenery around you as well. Buy a cactus and its cousins; these require minimal maintenance and only occasional watering. Your wife will also love taking care of a garden that you wanted to build for her if you have no garden yet.

These are just a few of the many parts of your home that you can upgrade before 2017 arrives. Welcome the coming year with a fresher, move livable space and you will feel better at home.