“Normal” Ears and Bullying: When It’s All Right for a Child to Have a Cosmetic Surgery

It is sad to think that bullying has become so normal that some people have just grown to accept it. For children, however, being bullied may define the way they look at life when they grow up. Parents should always be attentive to the needs of their children, especially when it comes to addressing bullying in school and other public places.

Children may experience bullying because of their physical appearance. This is what happened to Gage Berger, a six-year-old who had been bullied for having prominent ears. Having prominent ears is one of the reasons many adults choose to have otoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery in a cosmetic clinic in Dubai. The procedure involves making the ears less prominent, giving the patient “normal-looking” ears.

Otoplasty for Anyone

plastic surgery clinics in DubaiThough adults are the usual patients of plastic surgery clinics in Dubai, there are exemptions to every rule. Gage, in the U.S., had the procedure at a tender age to stop the bullying and gain his confidence back. The procedure was offered to him pro bono, and he had been thrilled with the idea.

After the two-hour procedure, Gage reportedly started having a better school experience and showed an increase in confidence. For procedures such as otoplasty, the scarring is often hidden behind the ear, so they will not be easily noticeable and cause more bullying for the child.

Safe for Children

Though technically a surgery, otoplasty is generally acceptable even for those under 18 years of age, especially if the procedure will correct self-esteem issues. Other surgeries such as breast reduction, nose surgery, and acne scar reduction may also be viewed similarly. Doctors look at each patient on a case to case basis, considering the repercussions on the person’s quality of life if the procedure was not done.

Otoplasty is also done as restorative surgery, to fix deformed or malfunctioning ears. In Dubai, parents can take their children to a surgeon’s office, outpatient facility, or hospital to discuss the procedure. For children, the recommended time to have the procedure is over the summer vacation, to allow the swelling to subside, which usually lasts three months.

According to experts, a child’s ears stop growing by the age of five. By that time, the shape of a child’s ears becomes permanent, and if they protrude overtly, they may lead to a poor quality of life for the child. In a situation like this, plastic surgery may be a good option.


Humans are social animals. We are born to socialize and mingle with others. We are often invited to different occasions and parties.

More often than not, we are worried about what dress we should wear and what pair of shoes should go with it. But do you know that there are different scents that go with certain occasions? Perfume manufacturing companies in UAE  are known to whip different kinds of fragrances that would go best with your dress, and of course, the occasion.

Know what kind of fragrance you should wear for different occasions here.


Go with a fragrance that would complement your striking dress. Usually, scents used for formal events are heavier and muskier. But it should be combined with something citrus to soften the smell. The combination of oak wood, jasmine, patchouli and honey can match this occasion, especially if you are dressed to the nines.


Everyday scents should be light as not to disrupt the people around you. It should be something fresh and understated. The subtle scent of pear, apple and mint are perfect for workaday huddles. The sweet and calming effect of these scents can help you concentrate on work. perfume manufacturers


Date night is a special one so you need a scent that would elicit a good impression. Floral scents are a good choice for this occasion. The sweet notes of orchids, iris, and lotus flower will surely make your date night memorable as the scent will linger on your date’s memory.


The fresh smell of jasmine will make your casual day out complete. The long-lasting smell can make you feel fresh all day. You can add a mix of lavender to make you feel calm for the day ahead.


Yes, going to groceries needs some pick-me-up scent. Don something citrusy to give you an energy boost, especially if you are running lots of errands. You can choose from lemon, orange, and wild rose. Island rose and peach blossoms are also a good choice for this trip.


For family gatherings, a touch of vanilla, or ylang ylang with a soft musk, can make the occasion a sweet one. Your relatives will surely complement you on your fresh scent.

It is important for you to have a complete wardrobe of perfumes to match the occasion. You can ask your trusted UAE perfume manufacturers and resellers on the best scent that can go with different events.

Key Benefits of Hiring a Caterer

Catering companiesGot an event coming up? Are you hosting a private affair in your villa, or are you planning a company-wide event? Whatever the occasion is, you will surely benefit from hiring a caterer. Just in case you are not yet decided on enlisting the services of a bonafide caterer, here are some tidbits of information that can help make up your mind.

  • Catering companies in Abu Dhabi can help make your event a resounding success. They have the experience and manpower to handle any event, regardless of its size, scope, location, and duration. But just to be sure, it’s better to choose a catering company near you to avoid all risks of inconveniences and problems that may arise.
  • Catering companies have the expertise to cook up a variety of dishes from different cuisines. All you have to do is let them know what you plan to serve your guests, and they are sure to deliver on the day of the event. Most caterers also provide food tasting so you can gauge the quality of their food and services. This also allows you to make suggestions so they can change their cooking to suit your taste. Don’t have any idea what to serve your guests? Worry not as catering companies can help you come up with a menu for your guests. With their expertise, you’re sure to serve a sumptuous feast for all of your guests.
  • Another advantage of hiring a professional caterer is you get to focus on entertaining your guests, or in managing your corporate event. With a professional caterer, you have one less thing to worry about. You can entrust the food to them and the service for all the attendees. You can be sure your guests always have something to drink or eat throughout the event – and you do not have to worry about it!
  • With the help of a professional caterer, you can have the peace of mind that your guests will enjoy the food and have a great time! Catering companies are usually run by top-rated chefs themselves, or highly experienced culinary experts who have come to love cooking good food and sharing this with a lot of people. They can make sure you have a lavish buffet spread or a scrumptious five-course dinner for the event. From appetizers and soup to the main course and dessert, each serving is sure to treat the taste buds of your guests to pure gastronomic delight.
  • The best part about hiring a caterer is you do not have to deal with the preparation and the clean-up. Organising and managing an event is already an arduous task in itself. More so, if you have to mind the preparation, cleaning, and packing up afterwards. Catering companies have their own staff that help them efficiently prepare for the event and clean up after all the guests have gone.

If you need to know more about the wide range of benefits that you can enjoy through the services of a caterer, click here to get more details!


Recovery and healing is crucial after a dental procedure, whether it is a minor or a major one. It is a must that a patient takes the proper steps and actions to speed up the process and make it less painful and agonizing as possible.

  1. Take it easy

Your orthodontist will advise you to rest well after the procedure. This is to speed up the healing process and prevent further bleeding. Take a leave at work and do not do any strenuous activities that might counter your recovery. Heavy exercises should not be done until your dentist says so.

  1. Take your meds on time

After the surgery, your dentist will give you instructions and the time intervals of your prescription. It is important to follow these instructions to ensure your full recovery. Get instructions before and after the surgery and write them if you can. Set an alarm to remind you if it is time take to take your meds.

  1. Advise your dentist

If you feel intense pain that cannot be relieved by your medication or anything unusual after the procedure, tell your dentist right away. Most dentists Dubaibased or not, are available 24/7 for consultation and any dental emergency. It is important to let them know your condition so they can make the proper assessment and give the ideal medical treatment. Make sure you have his/her contact details.

  1. Stick to your post-surgery diet

same-day-dental-implantsProcedures like same day dental implants installation need special care. Your oral surgeon will give you a list of instructions on what food you should or should not eat. The most common is to avoid hot food and liquids 24 hours after the procedure. Same goes with alcohol intake.

  1. Get your ice pack ready

Swelling is common after a dental procedure. Be sure that you have an ice pack with you to help ease the swelling and avoid excessive bleeding. Apply the ice pack on the swollen area every 15-minutes until bedtime.

  1. Control your vices

Vices like smoking can interfere with the healing process. It can also cause bleeding since the sucking motion can extricate the blood clot on the surgery area. As much as possible, try not to light a stick 24 hours after the procedure.

  1. Do not poke the affected area

Some patients find the urge to poke and prod the affected area. This can lead to infection and worsen your condition. Keep your hands/fingers off the affected area. Do not brush your teeth until your dentist gives you a go signal.

Remember that the recovery period is different for every patient. But you can hasten the process by following the instructions given by your dentist.

4 Types of Yachts for Your Next Chartered Trip

Are you an executive on a business trip in the Middle East? Are you an expatriate or diplomat assigned in Dubai for the next several years? Are you a short-term traveler who wants to maximize your stay in this vibrant city?

Dubai is a plethora of visual, cultural, and scenic gifts to both tourists and locals alike. Imagine driving on smooth asphalt with sports cars beside you on a regular office day like it was no big deal. Imagine working in a multinational company at one of the higher floors of some of the tallest and most iconic man-made structures in the world. The experience of staying in Dubai is indeed exhilarating.yachts-for-rental uae

However, driving around the city only gives you certain views. Yes, you have probably had a desert adventure with your buddies, or have rented a luxury vehicle for a day of fast driving. Have you ever considered a totally different perspective of seeing, really seeing Dubai from the sea? If you want to explore this thrilling option, perhaps renting a yacht is your thing. Go ahead and try this option and learn about the different types of yachts that you can charter in the city’s luxuriously busy ports.

Sailing Yacht

If you’re an old soul, a classic sailing yacht is perfect for you. Feel like the world explorers of old and hire a sailing yacht that is propelled by the wind power at sea. Though this can be challenging to steer, most sailing yachts have small engines that you can use in case of emergency or if you’re really in a hurry. You can search for dubai fishing trips prices for your sailing trip to share a romantic sunset cruise with your wife or girlfriend.

Luxury Open Yacht

If a sailing yacht is too slow for you, opt instead for a luxury open yacht for your chartered adventure. Imagine driving a sports car, the only difference is that you’re at sea and there’s a diving board and maybe even a jet ski nearby. Comfort, speed, and style are the major bonuses of a luxury open yacht, so ask about this on your Dubai trip if you’re interested.

Catamaran Yacht

Are you used to seeing boats that are single-hulled? You can distinguish a catamaran yacht from other boat types because it has two hulls or pontoons, which are usually made of fiberglass for optimum cruising strength and stability. You still get a deck in a catamaran, though, so you can still enjoy the full facilities and sleek features of a regular yacht.

Motor Yacht

As the most common yacht type available in Dubai and in most other cities for that matter, a motor yacht allows you and your guests to enjoy the full luxuries of the cruise life. Motor yachts have entertainment systems, swimming pools, and maybe even a Jacuzzi if you happen to book a more modern boat. Go on a yacht charter companies in dubai and explore the open seas with your friends on your birthday.

Make the most of out your stay in Dubai and try a yacht charter with your buddies or family soon.